How To use canon C5045/5051 printer on OSX 10.6.7


I’ve been using a Mac book pro for last few years, work required it, otherwise I prefer my Linux laptop.

Anyway, updating OSX to 10.6.7 broke my ability to print to office Canon C5045 printer. Googling shows lots of people running into similar issues.

I’ve d/l Canon’s latest US version (v2.24) of the UFR II driver and installed it, but was still getting error about raster mode.

“Cannot continue printing because an error occurred. To continue printing, select {Raster Mode} in {Quality}-{Quality Settings}-{Graphics Mode}.: 15920”

Canon driver here:

Anyway, to fix the raster error, you need to go to your printer setting options page and change the mode.  Go here:

Replace _10_3_1_25 with the IP address of your Canon printer ( is the IP of MY printer).

Click on Maintenance drop down and go to Set Default Options

Click on General and scroll down till you see Graphics Mode:

Select Raster Mode

Scroll down to the very bottom and click on Set Default Option

You will need to enter your login and password to confirm the change.

That should do it.

Addendum (7/6/2011):  We got a Fiery board added to the C5045 and it broke my printing ability again (@#$!!), turns out I need new driver.  The driver is : (google for it, it’s also on Canon support web site).