GoDaddy Sucks!

Yes, it’s sheer force of habit that I stuck w/GoDaddy after moving away from Network Solutions (another sucky registrar, stay away from them).

As time goes on, I’ve discovered that GoDaddy reliability (ha!) has gone way down, customer service sucks (what customer service?).  For the second time in less than two weeks, my VPS at GoDaddy mysteriously died (unreachable web sites, can’t ssh in, etc.) and it has been running fine for a year now.  GoDaddy support would only said that they found some issues and has “fixed” it without telling me what it was.

Requesting power cycle of the VPS take 90+ minutes!!!! holy jeeze!  actually it is 93 minutes now and I still can’t ssh in, web sites on VPS is still down.

I am moving everything, domains, VPS, sites, to another registrar.  I am tired of this crap.