SGI T-shirt

A post on LinkedIn’s ex-SGIers group gotme looking for my SGI t-shirts.  One of my favorite pastime is to collect t-shirts, cups, etc. from the companies that I’ve worked for…. and I’ve worked for a lot of companies here in Silicon Valley.

I found my Jurassic T-shirt that I got when Jurassic Park, the movie, came out.  That was very big at the time, and I remember SGI rented the near by Shoreline movie theater and let the entire company watch it.  That was awesome!

Here is a picture of my T-shirts.  It’s a little bit worn out — what do you expect for a 20 years old t-shirt.  Also found another SGI t-shirt, this one is for Digital Studio  package.


Digital Studio T-shirt
Digital Studio
SGI Jurassic Park t-shirt
Jurassic Park