Chromium OS

Like everyone else, I just had to try it out.  Since I also have a couple of EEEpc netbooks around (2 900A, and a 1000HE), plenty to test on.

Looks like Google is mainly Ubuntu on the engineering side.  I spent a little time trying to get Chromium to build under FC12 and just too much trouble for a side project.  I setup an Ubuntu 9.10 VM, followed Google’s online instruction to git d/l the source and built ChromiumOS.

So far, it’s kinda fun and I can see the use for it.  It came right up on my eeePC 900A, see all the hw, wired network, wifi network, buttons work.  Nice!

It’s just Linux underneath, and with this build, I have access to the cli via Alt-Ctrl-T key combo.

There are already plenty of people providing the live images.  If anyone is interested in my build, let me know and I’ll put a copy online.

I’ll have more when I have time to play with this.

sieve filtering

Here is some basic sieve filtering (under dovecot, should be same for other imap server though).

I am using FC11, each account can have their own sieve filter.  The default is ${HOME}/.dovecot.sieve which is a text file.

Here is a snippet of my .dovecot.sieve file.

NOTE: you need the sieve plugins (envelope, subaddress, regex, relational)

require ["reject", "fileinto", "envelope", "subaddress", "regex", "relational"];
if  anyof (
header :contains ["Return-path"] "",
header :contains ["List-Id"] "Firewall Wizards Security Mailing List",
header :contains ["List-Post"] "") {
fileinto "lists.firewall";
} elsif anyof (
header :contains ["X-Mailing-List"] "pgsql-general",
header :contains ["List-ID"] "",
header :contains ["X-Mailing-List"] "pgsql-performance",
header :contains ["List-ID"] "") {
fileinto "lists.postgresql";
} elsif anyof (
header :contains ["X-BeenThere"] "rubyonrails-talk",
header :contains ["List-ID"] "") {
fileinto "lists.rails";
} else {
# The rest goes into INBOX
# default is "implicit keep", we do it explicitly here