Moving or copying files from one Google drive account to another

I have seen questions on the web about how to migrate (copy/move) files from one GDrive account to another. There are many reasons, such as migrating from one Google account (such as company) to your personal account, etc.

WARNING: you may be violating your company policy by moving/copying files from your company Google account to a personal. I advise you to consult your company security officer or equivalent before doing this.

There are other reasons for wanting to copy or moving large number of files from one GDrive to another. Such as for me. I shared a folder in my GDrive with my family for putting our family photos in a central location. My family have G account, and there own GDrive. It seem that Google make it painful to copy files from one GDrive to another. Their suggestions is some form of downloading the files to your local drive first, and then uploading it to the other GDrive that you want.

This is painful!!! There are so many reasons why it’s painful…. 😉

The solution I’ve used is to install Google Drive app (supports OSX, Windows, Linux, Android and IOS).

Link Google Drive app to one Google account, and now you can treat the files in it as on your local drive and drag from there to the GDrive account you want to copy to.

Chromium OS

Like everyone else, I just had to try it out.  Since I also have a couple of EEEpc netbooks around (2 900A, and a 1000HE), plenty to test on.

Looks like Google is mainly Ubuntu on the engineering side.  I spent a little time trying to get Chromium to build under FC12 and just too much trouble for a side project.  I setup an Ubuntu 9.10 VM, followed Google’s online instruction to git d/l the source and built ChromiumOS.

So far, it’s kinda fun and I can see the use for it.  It came right up on my eeePC 900A, see all the hw, wired network, wifi network, buttons work.  Nice!

It’s just Linux underneath, and with this build, I have access to the cli via Alt-Ctrl-T key combo.

There are already plenty of people providing the live images.  If anyone is interested in my build, let me know and I’ll put a copy online.

I’ll have more when I have time to play with this.