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Repurposing netbook into gateway, firewall, AP

The older netbooks, such as ASUS EEE 900 series, have gone down in price. I bought a refurbed EEEPC 900A w/1GB RAM, 4GB SSD and turned it into my gateway, firewall and local AP.  Upgraded memory to 2GB RAM, and added an external 8GB SD flash. I loaded Fedora Core 17 Security Distro on it.…

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Linksys WRVS4400N hacking

This link: got me started.  Thanks to TrNSZ, whomever he is. I managed to d/l GPL code for v1.1.03 from Linksys and built fw image that works, e.g. I u/l it to my wrvs last night, and rebooted into it.  Everything work as before, routing, firewalling and wifi…. phew! 🙂 Next is to adding…

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