TiVo Hacks for Beginners

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27 March 2008 – 21:32 TiVo Hacks for Beginners

Collected TiVo Hacks


Sorry, several months ago I went to work for a startup in the DVR, IPTV field, and that had taken all my time…. I’ll try to update and add more over the holidays….

Dec 13, 2006 – TiVo File Decoder – A utility to convert .tivo file (produced by TiVoToGo) to a normal MPEG2 file. In another word, .TiVo files can now be converted on any machines and OS that can compile TiVo File Decoder C program. It used to be that you have use DSD and can only run on Windoze using TiVo’s Desktop .dll.

This is cool!

Dec 13, 2006 – Converting your DVD for viewing on TiVo – A guide on how to convert your DVDs to MPEG2 file, and transferring it to your TiVo for viewing. This is if you want to put all your DVDs and video material on a computer to use as your video server. Hmm, I wonder if this can be done with a Series3…

TiVo unveils its 1st Hi-Def Series3 DVR

Jan 2006 – Wow, 2006 already!

NEWS from Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on the TiVo Series3. Thanks to MegaZone

Highlights includes:

  • 2 CableCARD – supporting MultiStream (CableCARD 2.0) or SingleStream (CableCard 1.0).
  • Dual tuner – actually can use simultaneously any 2 tuners. Has 6 tuners in it: 2 cable (analog and digital), 2 ATSC and 2 NTSC.
  • Coax cable in, and coax antenna in
  • Output includes: HDMI, Component, S-Video and Composite.
  • Network: 2 USB ports, 10/100baseT ethernet and a modem
  • Sound: stereo and optical outputs
  • Video encoding is still MPEG2, but understand and play MPEG4 AVC/H.264, VC-1 (WMV9), e.g. same codecs as HD-DVD or Blu-ray.
  • An external SATA port for TiVo external SATA drive.

(locally cached)Pictures of Series3 taken by MegaZone.Dec 2005 – Did some house cleaning, removed dead links, added new links.

Oct 2005 – Start to look at my S2 SA again. I’ve let it updated to 7.2.0… next week, I’ll see about putting killhdinitrd on again.

Aug 2005 – Update on work on my S2 SA. I’ve been too busy with new job to do anything on my TiVo. It’s currently running 7.x… I am looking at upgrading to a DVR that can do HD, possibly a 2Wire MediaPortal set top box.

April 2005 – I am updating the links on this page. Please let me know if something is not working. I am in the process of “un-sleepering” my S2 SA. I’ve actually got it to work using killhdinitrd and also monte. But having problem getting the new Tivo 7.1 to work… I’ll post my experiences and how I got the problem resolved (IF)…

This page contains my collection of TiVo Hacks links that I’ve found as I was starting to learn about my AT&T Tivo Series 2/40 machine.

At first, I had no idea where to start, what to look for or what to do. Hopefully, by collecting all these links in one place, it will help other people.

PS This page is most useful when you send me corrections and additions. It has to evolve and stay updated to be any good. So please, let me know if a link does not work or is outdated. Thanks!

Network for TiVo

Newbie FAQ


Hacking a series2

DirecTivo Hacks

Other cools hacks

TiVo books

TiVo Hardware/Software Upgrades or Repair

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Additional related sites/Links

TiVo Online Discussion Communities

  • Suggestions welcomed….

Linksys WRVS4400N hacking

This link:


got me started.  Thanks to TrNSZ, whomever he is.

I managed to d/l GPL code for v1.1.03 from Linksys and built fw image that works, e.g. I u/l it to my wrvs last night, and rebooted into it.  Everything work as before, routing, firewalling and wifi…. phew! 🙂

Next is to adding features/functionalities.  More to follow.

I found link to the 1.1.13 src, compiled and have been running that for last week or so.  So far so good….

Hello world!

I feel like the Phoenix, or rather my web sites behave like one…. 🙂  they crashes and burn, and go through many iterations… each time, rising from the ashes and restart life again.

Except they mutate, becoming better (hopefully!) and evolve.

This is either the 5th or 6th version of my blog…. lost track of how many time I’ve restarted, recreated it!

Bear with me while I recover the lost stuffs I had on my last version.  That server hard disk crashed hard and I have not been able to go to the datacenter to recover the drive.