airpush spamming my android phone

I’ve started getting these spammy notifications to my notification bar (where else? :)). They appeared after I installed and updated several apps, but for the life of me, I could not remember which ones, since the notifications didn’t appear till a day later.

It turned out to be spams from a company called Googling found lots of complaints, and a possible solution. There is an app in the Market, called xapush detector. So I installed that app, and it told me there are two apps that is using xapush.

1. Overclock Widget – org.freecoder.widgets.overclock
2. First Aid –

Hmm, I don’t mind ads supporting free code, but this is over stepping the boundary. Ahhh, it turns out there is a new option in Advanced Settings for Overclock Widget, where you can turn off airpush. Yay!

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